Competition Regulations of Guiyang International Marathon 2018


一、主办单位  Sponsor:


Chinese Athletic Association, Sport Administration of Guizhou Province and Guiyang Municipal People’s Government

二、承办单位  Organizer:


Guiyang Sports Bureau, Guiyang Tourism Industry Development Committee, Guanshanhu District People’s Government of Guiyang Municipality 

三、协办单位 Co-organizers:


Guizhou Athletics Association, Guiyang Athletics Association


Operation and promotion organizations of competition  


Guiyang Sports Development Co., Ltd.

五、赛事合作单位 Cooperator:

厦门文广体育有限公司  Xiamen Media Group Sport CO.,LTD.

六、比赛日期、地点  Competition date and place

(一)时间: 2018年7月22日(星期日) 7:30

Time: 7:30 on July 22, 2018 (Sunday)  

(二)地点: 贵阳市观山湖区

Place: Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City

七、比赛项目 Competition items:

(一)男、女马拉松 Men/Women’s Marathon (42.195km)

(二)男、女半程马拉松 Men/Women’s Half Marathon ((21.0975km) 

(三)男、女迷你马拉松 Men/Women’s Mini Marathon (3.5km)

八、比赛路线 Racing route:

(一)马拉松线路 Route of Marathon (42.195km):


Guiyang Olympic Sports Center Plaza (origin) →Yuntan South Road → Shilin East Road→ Jinyang South Road → Qianlingshan Road→ Changling South Road (turning-back)→Yangguang Avenue (turning-back)→ Changling South Road → Guanshan East Road→ Jinyang North Road → Lincheng East Road → Tongcheng South Road→ Zhanxi Road→ Lincheng East Road→ Jinyang North Road → Jinzhu East Road (turning-back) → Jinzhu East Road (turning-back) →Jinyang North Road → Guanshan West Road → Yuntan South Road →Guiyang Olympic Sports Center Plaza (destination)

  (二)半程马拉松线路  Route of Half Marathon (21.0975km):


Guiyang Olympic Sports Center Plaza (origin) →Yuntan South Road → Shilin East Road→ Jinyang South Road → Qianlingshan Road→ Changling South Road (turning-back)→Yangguang Avenue (turning-back)→ Changling South Road → Guanshan East Road→ Jinyang North Road (turning-back) → Guanshan West Road → Yuntan South Road →Guiyang Olympic Sports Center Plaza (destination)

(三)迷你马拉松线路 Route of Mini Marathon (3.5km):


Guiyang Olympic Sports Center Plaza (origin) →Yuntan South Road → Shilin East Road → Jinyang South Road →Cuiliu Road → Intersection of Anxing Road and Cuiliu Road (destination)

九、参赛办法 Competition method

(一)年龄要求 Age requirements:


Age limit for Maranon: 20 years old in the year when Maranon is held (born before December 31, 1998)


Age limit for Half Maranon: 16 years old in the year when Maranon is held (born before December 31, 2002); those below 18 shall show a statement for participation signed by their guardians or statutory agents;


Age limit for Half Maranon: No age limit (the juveniles shall be accompanied by their guardians);


Note: The age requirements for foreign runners and those registered in Chinese Athletic Association shall be subject to the related provisions of International Association of Athletics Federations.

(二)健康要求 Health requirements:


Maranon competition is a high-load, high-strength, and long-distance competition sport, which has higher requirements for runner’s health conditions, and runners shall be healthy, often participate in running or exercise or have foundation for participating in long-distance exercise for long time. Those with following physical conditions are forbidden to apply for taking part in the event, or they shall undertake all consequences and legal liabilities by themselves:


  Patients with congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;


  Patients with hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;


  Patients with myocarditis and other heart diseases;


  Patients with coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia;


  Patients with diabetes with too high or too low blood glucose;


  Patients with a cold 2 weeks before the date of competition;

(7)孕妇;Pregnant women;


  Patients with other diseases not suitable for sports.

2. 组委会要求所有参赛者近一年内通过县级及以上医疗机构进行体检(含心电图检查),并结合检查报告进行自我评估,确认自己的身体状况能够适应于长跑运动,才可报名参赛。

According to the Organizing Committee, all runners should have received the physical examination (including electrocardiographic examination) by medical institutions at county level and above, and conduct self-evaluation in combination with the physical examination report, and confirm that they are qualified for long-distance running before application for this event.

(三)报名办法及参赛资格  Method of registration and qualification:


 The number of participants in the event is limited to 25,000, and those who come first will be served first, until the quota is full.


Individuals may apply for it via official website, official WeChat Account, third-party cooperative platform, and other channels. Teams are only allowed to apply for it at the official website. Specific application time and method is shown on Instructions to Application issued officially.


Objects that can obtain the qualification for participation directly:


 Excellent athletes invited by the Organizing Committee;


Professional athletes registered in Chinese Athletic Association;


Foreign applicants (those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan included).


Runners prohibited from applying for this event:


Those prohibited by International Association of Athletics Federations and Chinese Athletic Association for violating the related competition regulations;


Those registered in Chinese Athletic Association shall apply via the online application system of Chinese Athletic Association as required (free of charge), and their individual application is not accepted by the Organizing Committee.


Please refer to the official website for the matters not mentioned above. Official website of Guiyang International Marathon 2018: Http//www.gyMarathon.com.

(四)报名费用 Application fees


Application fee for Marathon: RMB 150/person;


Application fee for Half Marathon: RMB 120/person;


Application fee for Mini Marathon: RMB 50/person;


When 50 members or above are included in a team applying for Marathon or Half Marathon, this team can enjoy a discount of 10% of application fees;


No refund if your qualification for participation is confirmed by the Organizing Committee;


Disposable timing chip expenses are included in the application fees for Marathon and Half Marathon;

(五) 报到 Registration


Three days before the competition, the competitors shall register at Olympic Sports Center Square of Guiyang and acquire relevant articles, and for the detailed acquisition method, please inquire the Notice on Acquisition of Competition Articles issued on official website and official public WeChat of the competition.

十、竞赛办法 Competition method


Execute according to the latest track and field competition rules authorized by Chinese Athletic Association and these regulations of marathon .


The competition is carried out by means of unified time, regional registration and unified starting. The starting sequence is arranged according to Marathon, half Marathon, and mini Marathon.


Closing distance and time (subject to the time of the starting gun):


In order to ensure safe and smooth competition of the competitors, during the competition period, closing time is set for each section on the competition track, to close the road traffic within a limited time. If the competitors fail to finish corresponding distance within the stipulated closing time, they shall stop and withdraw from the track immediately; the competitors withdrawing from the competition could return to the starting / finishing point by aid vehicles provided by the Organizing Committee.


(四)计时办法 Timing method


The Organizing Committee provides induction timing service for all competitors of the Marathon (42.195 km) and half Marathon (21.0975 km), and the competition shall be valid only when the competitors must wear the disposable timing chip provided by the Organizing Committee, and there is no timing service for mini Marathon.

  2、马拉松(42.195公里)和半程马拉松(21.0975公里)在起点、每5公里点、21.0975公里点、折返点和终点设有计时感应地毯。选手在跑进过程中,必须通过所有的地面计时感应地毯,如缺少任何一个计时点的成绩,或两个计时芯片在感应地毯的成绩误差小于0.1秒,则该选手的比赛成绩无效。For Marathon (42.195 km) and half Marathon (21.0975 km), there are timing induction carpets set in the starting point, every 5 km point, in the point of 21.0975 km, in the turning point and in the finishing point. During the running process, the competitors must pass all timing induction carpets, and in case of lacking the score in any timing point, or in case the score error of two timing chips in the induction carpets is less than 0.1s, the competition score of such competitor shall be invalid.


For the competitors finishing Marathon and half Marathon within the closing time, they shall download and print the Score Report on the official website independently 24 hours after finishing the competition.


 To deposit personal articles, please go to the designated deposit place, which will be closed at 16:00, and the competitors must take back their own articles before this time, and if failing to take back the articles exceeding such time, they may go to the Organizing Committee of the competition for acquisition on the following day. In failing to acquire within 5 days, the Organizing Committee will handle the articles as unclaimed ones. Do not deposit valuables in your bag.

(七)饮水、饮料、能量补给站设置 Setup of drinking water, beverage and energy supply stations:



For this competition, spot check of stimulants shall be conducted according to relevant stipulations.


For specific requirement and arrangement of this competition, please read the Official Manual carefully.

十一、录取名次及奖励办法  Admission rankings and incentive measures

(一)马拉松  Marathon:

1. 马拉松前三名获奖选手的成绩以枪声成绩录取,第四名以后以净计时成绩录取。马拉松录取男、女前三十名;奖金见下表(单位:人民币)

The score of top three competitors of the Marathon is subject to the gun time, while the score of those ranking the 4th and after them is subject to the net time. For Marathon, both the males and the females will be admitted the top 30; see the bonus in the following table (Unit: RMB)



Citizen award: For all competitors of Guiyang citizens (subject to the place on the second generation ID card), rank them according to the net time when they arrive at the final point, and admit the top 30 for awarding. See the bonus in the following table (unit: RMB)


(二)半程马拉松  Half Marathon:

1. 半程马拉松前三名获奖选手的成绩以枪声成绩录取,第四名以后以净计时成绩录取。半程马拉松录取男、女前八名,奖金见下表(单位:人民币)

For half Marathon, the score of the top three competitors is subject to the gun time, while the score of those ranking the 4th and after them is subject to the net time. For half Marathon, both the males and the females will be admitted the top 8; see the bonus in the following table (unit: RMB)


 2. 市民奖:凡贵阳籍市民(以二代居民身份证所在地为准)参加半程马拉松的参赛选手,按到达终点的净计时成绩进行排名,录取前三十名进行奖励。奖金见下表(单位:人民币)

Citizen award: For all competitors in half Marathon of Guiyang citizens (subject to the place on the second generation ID card), rank them according to the net time when they arrive at the final point, and admit the top 30 for awarding. See the bonus in the following table (unit: RMB)


(三)迷你马拉松 Mini Marathon (3.5 km):


The competitors finishing the competition could download and print the commemorate certificate on the official website independently.

(四)其他  Others


Within 5 working days after finishing the competition, publicize the score on the official website for 14 days, and during this period, if the competitors have objection toward the score, please contact the Organizing Committee and provide authentic and valid evidences. In case of discovering cheaters among the competitors, their rank shall be cancelled, while the rank following them shall not be increased correspondingly.


The bonus will not be distributed on the spot, instead, it will be distributed within 15 days upon publicity without objection, and the bonus for those competitors receiving detection of stimulants shall be distributed after there is no objection toward the detection result. The bonus shall be charged individual income tax by 20%, which will be withheld by the Organizing Committee.


If winning several awards at the same time, the bonuses will not be awarded in accumulation, and only the highest bonus will be awarded.

十二、处罚办法  Punishment measures


In order to strengthen management of sportsmanship and discipline, it is strictly forbidden by the Organizing Committee from arbitrarily transferring (selling) or receiving transfer (buying) the competition quota, and all runners running for others, participating in the running arbitrarily, forging the number cloth and using non-competition number cloth are forbidden from entering the track. Once discovered, the violators will be forbidden from participating in all competitions held by the Organizing Committee of Guiyang International Marathon for lifelong time, and will also be reported to the Chinese Athletic Association for additional penalty. All consequences resulted from the illegal behaviors such as running for other, participating in the running arbitrarily, forging the number cloth etc. shall be undertaken by the violators themselves, and in case of causing economic loss and serious influence, the Organizing Committee will also reserve the right to claim for legal responsibility against the violators.


 During the competition, the Organizing Committee will make video monitoring toward the starting point, the finishing point and the critical path points, and once there are competitors violating the following regulations of marathon, the Organizing Committee cancel their competition score, or forbid them from participating in Guiyang International Marathon within 1-2 years and even for lifelong time according to the severity, and report to the Chinese Athletic Association for additional penalty.


Make application with false information, or ask others to run on behalf of them after the application;


The competitors participate in the competition with others’ timing chip or one competitor participates in the competition with more than 2 (2 included) timing chips at the same time;


Do not following the stipulated starting sequence, and start the running not in their registered event area;


Start the running by violating the rules;


Do not stop the competition after the closing time or return to the track again after withdrawing from the competition;


Fail to finish the whole course of the registered event according to the stipulated track, take the shortcut or enter the running halfway by means of transportation;


Fail to abide by the stipulated requirement in the finishing point, and pass the finishing point repeatedly to acquire the souvenir;


Competitors in Marathon and half Marathon fail to pass the finishing point with their own number cloth as stipulated;


Pass the finishing point to acquire the souvenir without finishing the whole course;


Forge the number cloth arbitrarily, and finish the competition by means of multiple relay;


Pass the finishing point with the time-induction chip not distributed by the Organizing Committee;


Do not follow command of the staff, interfere with the competition, gather together to make troubles, and fight with each other.


Conduct uncivilized behaviors (such as relive the bowels anywhere, throw litter about, etc.);


Other behaviors which violate stipulations of the competition rules and regulations.

十三、保险  Insurance


For this competition, the Organizing Committee buys insurance for all competitors and working staff. The insurance policy will be subject to the information of registration, any false information of registration will result in failing to buy the insurance, and the responsibility shall be undertaken by the applicants themselves.

十四、医疗救护 Medical aid


In starting point and along the track (every 2.5 km after the 5th km) and the finishing point, there are fixed medical points and emergency vehicle points;


Along the track, there are mobile AED medical aid workers.


Along the running track of the competitors, the Organizing Committee will set medical service volunteers to assist in providing medical aid and maintaining the competition order, and the competitors could ask for help from the volunteers whenever and wherever. During the competition, principal of the Medical Security Department is entitled to order to terminate the competitors’ competition and collect their number cloths according to their physical condition; if the competitors do not follow the field medical staff’s advice, they shall undertake all consequences and responsibilities resulted from their insisting on participating in the competition, and if the competitors lose their consciousness, the first-aid volunteers of the Organizing Committee will be automatically entrusted with taking all measures for rescue, including but not limited to CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), AED (automated external defibrillator), and renting vehicles or aircrafts for rapid transfer.

十五、联系方式 Contact


Organizing Committee of Guiyang International Marathon


Address: Olympic Sports Center, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

邮政编码 Post code: 550081

电话 Telephone: 0851-84838050



The Organizing Committee of Guiyang International Marathon owns the right to interpret these Regulations, and the unmentioned matters shall be notified separately.



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承办单位 : 贵阳市体育局 贵阳市旅游产业发展委员会 贵阳市观山湖区人民政府
协办单位 : 贵州省田径协会 贵阳市田径协会
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